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The Minnesota Vikings are the first NFL team to partner with AtmosAir to bring cleaner and healthier air quality to an indoor stadium.
The Minnesota Vikings and AtmosAir are
helping fans "See Air Differently".

AtmosAir Solutions is a manufacturer of a leading air purification technology based on smart bipolar ionization air treatment, which is typically installed in the supply side of an HVAC system.
  • AtmosAir is certified UL2998 ozone-free air cleaning technology.
  • AtmosAir’s proven indoor air quality technologies will act as a continuous disinfectant, ensuring Covid-19, as well as other pathogens, VOCs and odors are continuously neutralized and deactivated from your Garden Communities properties’ indoor air and all exposed surfaces (tested and verified at 99.92% by Microchem Labs).
  • Our technology easily integrates into your existing HVAC system and ensures all airflow passes across its patented bipolar ionization tubes to energize the air with positive and negative ions throughout all of the spaces served by your HVAC duct system, effectively and continuously sanitizing contaminants as it encounters them.
  • AtmosAir has been installed in over 100M square feet of worldwide commercial space comprised of roughly 7,500 commercial projects.
  • AtmosAir presents the ability to measure and monitor your Garden Communities properties' indoor air quality on a real-time basis and purify contaminants in the air and on exposed surfaces.