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AtmosAir Air
Purification Systems
Help to create a Healthier
Indoor Environment

Air ions naturally filter pollutants from the air we breathe. In naturally pristine environments, such as high mountain peaks, air ion levels tend to be much higher than in areas that are more highly populated and industrialized, such as urban areas.

These ions exhaust themselves cleaning pollutant-rich air. In indoor environments the problem becomes magnified, because gains in energy efficiency result in losses in natural ventilation — and that boosts pollutant levels in the air we breathe. We then introduce to air, which was less than perfect to begin with, all the contaminants and pollutants created by people’s activities and the materials used to build our homes and buildings — it is also possible for toxins from cleaning products, pesticides and other compounds we use to maintain our homes and buildings to end up in the air we are breathing.

This is why natural ion levels are practically nonexistent in indoor environments; they have been stripped from the atmosphere by the pollutants we have created. AtmosAir technology restores the air in the space you breathe to mountain-pure ion levels while retaining energy efficient benefits.

AtmosAir’s goal is to restore the air inside your building or
home to the quality found at mountain elevations,
where high ion levels occur naturally.

The AtmosAir system uses our Bi-Polar Ionization technology to restore air ion levels back where nature intended.

You’ll breathe the crisp, fresh air naturally found at high mountain elevations because AtmosAir systems harness the Earth’s most powerful, naturally occurring air cleaners. When you install an AtmosAir system in your commercial, industrial or residential structure, it’s as if you’ve created your very own waterfall, lightning storm or ocean surf — right in the comfort of your own space.
How AtmosAir
Mimics Nature
AtmosAir technology puts the power of nature’s best chemistry to work for you.

Air ions contain oxygen, and oxygen atoms have several layers of electrons. Electrons are subatomic particles that hold a negative electrical charge. Oxygen atoms attract pollutants that hold the opposite charge. Near waterfalls, ocean surf and in lightning storms, this reaction naturally cleans the air of pollutants. Without an air purification system, it is possible for pollutants build to toxic levels that can threaten the health and safety of whoever breathes the air.

With AtmosAir, our cold plasma discharge technology uses bi-polar ionization tubes that mimic this cleansing action, while emitting no heat, light or other unwanted byproducts. Rigorously tested and independently verified, AtmosAir technology improves the air you breathe.

Energy Savings
with AtmosAir
Bi-Polar Ionization

Achieving energy efficiency is a top priority for building engineers, property managers and business owners across the country. The biggest consumer of energy in a commercial building is the HVAC system.

Modern design and construction practices tightly seal buildings for the purpose of lowering energy costs. The unfortunate result is poor indoor air quality. Without adequate ventilation, it is possible for mold spores, VOCs and other unwanted contaminants build up inside — and that can lead to serious building health problems.

The Environment Protection Agency named "indoor air quality one of the nation’s top five health threats. ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, developed guidelines on the minimum amounts of outdoor air that must be mechanically introduced into a building. In some cases, just following these basic guidelines could result in a 5 to 7 percent increase in a building’s total energy bill.

In addition to the indoor air quality problem, engineers discovered that simply following the ASHRAE guidelines often doesn’t provide enough fresh air to combat staleness and lingering smells. Buildings often bring in more fresh air than required by ASHRAE simply to remove odors — and that means owners are pouring thousands of dollars through the exhaust vent. Those who want to keep energy costs down need a new way improve energy efficiency — without damaging indoor air quality.
Filtration is the most widely used method of air purification. However, filtration does have its limitations. Filters can ONLY catch and grab particles.

Particles are but one factor that can degrade air quality. VOCs are another significant factor. VOCs are chemical off-gasses commonly produced by the furnishings and activities within the space. Flooring, carpeting, finishes on office furniture, paints, pesticides, cleaning products, office equipment and also outdoor air are examples of things that may bring in potentially dangerous chemical elements. VOCs are a contributor to a condition called Sick Building Syndrome, in which occupants of a building experience poor health while in the building and feel relief when they leave.

It is true that you can improve air quality by purchasing an enhanced filtration system. Unfortunately, stronger filters mean higher energy costs. An efficient filter is dense, and that makes it harder for air to pass through it. Since it will take more power to squeeze the air through the filter, the HVAC system works harder to condition the space — and that makes it costlier to operate.
has the
With AtmosAir, you can improve the air in the space you breathe. Our AtmosAir Bi-Polar Ionization system allows a building to recycle cleaner, conditioned air.

With AtmosAir, you can minimize mold spores, VOCs, and other unwanted particles — and save on your energy bills at the same time.

Because AtmosAir BPI reduces particulate matter and VOCs, it is not necessary to dilute and replace the space with additional amounts of outdoor air. Nor is it necessary to strain the air through airflow-restrictive filters, because you can now accomplish air purification without a cost penalty by recycling a larger portion of the total air volume. You retain the energy savings you worked so hard to achieve.
Reuse Your
Air Instead of
Replacing it
with AtmosAir
Reusing conditioned indoor air — instead of constantly replacing it with outside air that needs conditioning — dramatically reduces the amount of energy used by your building’s HVAC systems.

A member of our sales team will help you calculate a realistic expected ROI for your building. Some of our clients have noticed a greater than 40 percent reduction in peak load, and a 20 percent energy cost savings — and that doesn’t include savings on reduced HVAC maintenance as demands on the system decrease.

With AtmosAir, you’ll spend less on your energy bill, plus enjoy reduced maintenance and part replacement costs. You’ll also spend less on new construction, because you won’t have to buy, install and maintain an expensive HVAC system.

Contact us for more information about AtmosAir or to learn about our Guaranteed Energy Savings program.

Build Green &
Save Energy
with AtmosAir

At AtmosAir, our air purification technology makes it possible for your building to achieve the highest energy efficiency standards while also protecting indoor air quality. When you choose AtmosAir, you’ll build green, contribute to occupant health and safety, and save money on energy costs — guaranteed.
The U.S. Green Building Council is a membership-based nonprofit that promotes sustainability in buildings design, construction and operation.

USGBC is best known for its development of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating systems. Its annual Greenbuild International Conference & Expo is the world’s largest event dedicated to green building.

USGBC advocates the approach taken by AtmosAir to improve indoor air quality and reduce energy costs. USGBC recently launched a LEED pilot program in which installing an AtmosAir system will help a project qualify for points. Our technology has also been used to qualify for LEED points for Innovation (IN), Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) and Energy and Atmosphere (EA).
AtmosAir &
The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy created the ENERGY STAR® certification in 1992 to set the international standard for energy efficient consumer products.

You’ve probably noticed that your refrigerator, clothes dryer and other household appliances have ENERGY STAR® certification, but did you know that commercial buildings and industrial plants can earn it, too? AtmosAir can help your building earn this respected designation.

AtmosAir helps ENERGY STAR® projects qualify for the highest indoor air quality ratings, even if a building is over or under ventilated. With AtmosAir, your building can secure or maintain ENERGY STAR® certification.
AtmosAir &
Sustainability is a defining element of modern and responsible business strategy and performance.

Clean Air Group, with AtmosAir technology, has worked on various sustainability projects, including projects for the Living Building Challenge, WELL Building Certification and Green Globes.