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See air differently
no matter where you
are with customized
solutions from AtmosAir .

At AtmosAir , we provide bi polar ionization air purification technologies that actively, continuously work to bring the benefits of improved air quality to life in all types of built environments. Our experienced team will work with you to develop a customized solution to meet the needs of any space and its occupants.

Whether it’s a highly technical and regulated healthcare project, a mission critical data center, a government facility demanding high degrees of transparency and compliance, or the retrofitting of an historic educational building, our teams can expertly handle any challenge. We’ve proven it over nearly two decades and more than 7,500 installations around the world.
If you own or manage a commercial building, you know the importance of providing the best possible experience for occupants. And that experience starts with something you can’t see, feel or touch.
Your home should be your refuge. You want it to be safe, and that includes from air contaminants. AtmosAir’s home air quality solutions will keep you and your family breathing fresh, clean air so you can focus on what really matters.

AtmosAir is helping leading hospitals and healthcare systems across the world keep medical staff, patients and their loved ones safe so they can focus on the important work of healing.
Casinos don’t gamble on the health of their guests and staff, so from Vegas to Atlantic City and more, the gaming industry is installing AtmosAir technology to ensure clean, fresh air.
Success in sports is all about focus, so AtmosAir can make sure the air around you isn’t a distraction as you fight for a playoff spot or cheer your favorite team on to victory, whether it’s a school gym or a world-class stadium.
Office Buildings
Spending time at the office shouldn’t mean sacrificing health, and AtmosAir’s purification and monitoring technology can get your workplace air as fresh as the Alps, improving employee wellbeing and performance.
AtmosAir’s technology was developed by a highly educated and trained team, so we understand the value of the classroom, and bi-polar ionization will put faculty, staff and student bodies’ minds at ease so they can focus on learning.
Instilling confidence in the safety of our public institutions is crucial, whether it’s a trip to the DMV or a wedding at city hall. AtmosAir’s technology helps keep our public servants and our fellow citizens breathing healthy air.
Hotels don’t want to sleep on the safety of their guests, so rest easy knowing that AtmosAir’s purification and monitoring technology is making your room’s air as clean and pure as a mountain retreat, even if you’re in the heart of the city.
Making world-class products starts with a world-class facility, and that means having a safe environment where teams can collaborate and create without worrying about the air they’re sharing.
Travelers and staff shouldn’t need to leave the terminal to breathe clean, mountain-fresh air. Travel safe, whether it’s for business or pleasure, with AtmosAir’s purification technology and real-time air quality monitoring.
It’s hard to have a good time when you’re worried about the air you’re breathing. AtmosAir helps people have a care-free night out by ensuring safe, contaminant-free air with leading air purification solutions for large-scale spaces.
With AtmosAir’s technology, a surburban shopping center can have the same fresh air as an alpine village, so shoppers can linger and focus on splurging.